A Roll of the Semi Solid Protoplasmic Dice

A new mission this time. Karos’ mentor asked you to do a favor and help out one of his contacts so that she could get him the items that she needed. He worried that her house arrest would keep her from being able to get him the items he paid her for. She maintains the matter is well in hand but she is willing to pay you for something else anyways. She needs you to track down two relics from the old days: A stone head she tried to steal from the Magistry’s HQ, and an arm from the ancient temple of Meharma.

You succeeded in figuring out which neighborhood the temple was in, but further investigation was interrupted by a pair of opportunistic gelatinous cubes which dropped down on you from above and tried to eat you. Being polyhedrons themselves they somehow had an uncanny effect on dice, making hitting them extremely hard.

You are now standing in an alleyway, worn out and covered in goo. (“Oh not again…”)

On the plus side, cubes don’t usually get a chance to grow that big in the city. You are probably close.



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