The Cave of Regretful Lightning

After some convincing and the slaying of numerous minions (Velak used a poison cloud to kill at least ten of them in one round, and should be thankful the Geneva Convention doesn’t exist in Telluran) you managed to get Gurfurlur to leave you alone and he left to rally his forces. You escaped into the cave just before the Kobolds brought the walls down. There you confronted one of the Kobold leaders only to find that they had undermined the floor which they collapsed under you and the newly arrived Gurfurlur (now aware of your real identities).

The final confrontation saw you fighting both orcs and kobolds in an ever expanding room of bolt stone. The battle was fierce but you eventually took down Gurfurlur. Karos managed to use his Ring of Orc summoning to bring in reinforcements and forced the kobolds into retreat. They didn’t get far before you killed them too.

With the battle finally over you set about sealing the spring so that no one could have access to the waters. The orcs are in disarray so leaving the fort was no big challenge, but you are still in the gobbles at present. We’ll wrap up this mission at the beginning of the next session.

XP reward is 2705



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