The Food Fight to End All Food Fights

The spring was in a cave surrounded by heavy orcish fortifications.

In one of the strangest plans I’ve seen you do so far, you made your way to the spring and gained access to the area by challenging the local orc chef to a cook-off, which you managed to win. During this contest, Rambler snuck back into the rest of the area and mapped it out.

Before you could do anything more, though, the Kobolds attacked. What followed was an epic battle, with Kobolds rising from everywhere and unleashing brutal traps, and the Orcs responding with wave after wave of catapult fodder (sometimes literally) and siege weaponry. Through this all you managed to keep up the pretense of being orcs or orcish ingredients.

The orcish catapults proved particularly problematic; as stones randomly landed throughout the camp they smashed the walkway to the cave and later the orcish barracks. This woke Gurfurlur, who unaware of the cookoff ordered his followers to attack you. This left everyone but Karos (who had already made his way back to the cave) to face both the Kobolds and the Orcs that were still in the way.



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