Two Faced

The battle finished relatively quickly although one of the orcs did almost throw Karos off the bridge. With the immediate incursion halted for the time being you managed to slip into orc territory. The security inside was lax, possibly because no one expected enemies to be in so far, but more likely because orcs are lazy.

The orcish mess tent is a focal point of their lives. When you started knocking it down they reacted badly, charging out into the street while shouting “Protect the Dinner! Protect the Dinner!” Alas it did them no good as you quickly dispatched them. Then, using a combination of disguise kits, magic items, and the skinned face of the head chef, Xandor and Karos disguised themselves as orcs to avoid further trouble.

This disguise got you across the bridges to the other major landmass with no confrontations. Unfortunately the particular bridges you took led straight to a broken sewer outflow tunnel. There you encountered a strange dark skinned elf who bolted when you noticed him. He managed to get away by phasing through a wall, but not before Alistair took off one of his ears.

On the way out you encountered the young sphinx again, but Rambler had a riddle ready for him and he went away without complaints.



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