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Session 1: Like a House on Fire
Or it will be if the characters get the chance.

I hope everyone had fun at the first game.

A quick rundown of the session. You decided on a name for your crew (which I’ve already forgotten), and were hired by a snooty butler to deal with a small house problem. Apparently while the house was in storage squatters, vermin, and other things you wouldn’t want to see at a house party moved in and set up shop. You’ve been hired to make the house safe for whatever renovations. So far you’ve found a bunch of guards crushed under a chandelier, a door with binderweed growing through it, a box rigged to throw rotten meat at you, and have been attacked by a bunch of six legged dogs.

The dogs you fought have a vestigial pair they keep curled up beneath them. Hard to see until the creatures stop moving. I didn’t have the chance to mention it at the end of the session.

The Moment of Awesome for the night was Velak disintigrating three Vermin Dogs while leaving the barbarian unscathed.

The whole +1 for great description rule didn’t seem to work to well. I don’t know if its because it was the first session, because its hard to think of that kind of line during combat, or just because it wasn’t necessary. Whatever the case, I want to see how it goes in the next session, and if it doesn’t get off the ground I’ll just give you all the proper feat.

Also, wishlists. If you want anything, be sure to say so. Otherwise I will just look for good stuff on the char ops boards, or worse… monetary rewards.

I’ve got the next session scheduled for next Tuesday, same bat time, same bat channel. Let me know if there are any problems with that. If you have any suggestions for how to improve the game be sure to say so.

Session 2: A Parliment of Crows

So more exploration of the mansion. You’ve searched most of the mansion now, managed to deal with most of the traps effectively, and managed to acquire an ornate chair for the office. Lots of clues, few certainties. Whoever the squatter was he spent his time engineering the vermin dogs that have plagued you through this house. He may well have been responsible for the traps and other problems scattered throughout the house, but his paranoid writings aren’t clear.

Now you are in the remains of the garden and about to fight another pack of vermin dogs in their home territory. You can’t see the pack leader but you know he’s there somewhere. Round 1… fight.

If no one has any problems with the idea, I’m going to redraw the vines on the east side. Its not for strategic advantage, I just want to open the area up to make it potentially more interesting. As you all said, right now no one is going to consider going in there.

Moment of Awesome for the night… well there wasn’t a moment in combat that I think really stood out, but hauling a table upstairs through a trapdoor to form a makeshift bridge just because you could. That’s memorable.

Next session is next Tuesday, the 9th of Feb. The session after that has an interesting complication. Tuesday the 16th is the monthly meeting of the LRPGSW, which Jarod and I usually attend. I don’t know about Jarod’s plans regarding that, but would anyone have a problem meeting on another day?

A Diet of Moss

I really need to start getting these out there earlier

Fantastic session despite being battle free. I didn’t see that it was either rushed or dragged on, nor that it got off track. If anyone else feels differently be sure to let me know.

A brief recap: You split up to investigate both the elevator and the town. The elevator turned out to be a dead end but it did make a horrible grinding sound so that’s okay. The town had more to say and a few broken goblins and one pink dress later you learned about a hobgoblin named Thro Tharosh (don’t know if I ever said his last name). The elder had a bit more information, but he didn’t want to talk about it and sent you into naagoblin territory. The normally bloodthirsty things were set to attack you but had a crisis of bladder and instead told you what you wanted to know. Hobgoblins of the irontooth clan were in the area.

Surprisingly they were staying out of the illegal pit fighting scene, which is unusal for them. Instead you were forced to deal with a completely unhelpful goblin guard. He gave you nothing of interest but some good laughs and a moment of awesome, but you got him out of the way and stole the watchhouse’s logbooks. That led you to a higher ranking guard who you managed to coerce into telling you the likely location of the hobgoblins.

Now it is just a matter of finding them, the missing goblins, and Thro.

Inspired Moment of the Night: The Beard Market. New, interesting, and completely in character for the city.

Moment of Awesome for the Night: This one is going to be collective. The entire incident with the petty guard bordered on a Marx Bros movie.

I tallied up experience for the last mission and with completion bonus experience it works out to be 1450 XP.

Ventilation Experts

One long fight this time, but a worthwhile one. Between the fight, the skill challenges, and completion bonus you get 1090 XP. Since we were running late anyways I did not cover the aftermath, we will do that on Thursday. Also, the other two missions are still available so give some thought to which one you want to do.

Its getting really hard to pick out Awesome Moment of the Night so I will just mention a few things we learned.

-Proper ventilation is important, especially when wizards are in the area. -Karos is immune to thunderwave. He is not, however, immune to exploding barrels. -Hobgoblins can be reduced to tears by inspired renditions of their history.

Anyways, see you all next thursday.

If They Only Had a Brain

This is a long overdue update for the game two weeks ago.

You finished up your business with the hobgoblins, burned the corpses, and escorted the goblins back to town. And by escort I mean you pointed and said “It’s that way, see you around.” You also got treasure.

You decided to follow up on one of the missions you were offered earlier and so you traveled to the Factor’s house. You almost executed him for his crimes against house decoration but you managed to suspend your ire and make it into the farm. There you could hide from his garish house design in a place faded to near gray.

Avoiding the long alien wheat meant sticking to the path and fighting your way through a bunch of dirty birds and a set of scarecrows made out of meat. It also led to a trophy: one rotting meat scarecrow on a stick. Like a swiss army knife, such a thing has multiple purposes. For instance, you used it as a brick when you threw it through the farmhouse window.

The family was acting quite weird. They didn’t respond to 20 pounds of rotting meat being thrown through their front window, nor did they bat an eye at your band of ronin carpenters story. Indeed the mother, Veela, even used the scarecrow in the soup. Despite the oddities you tried to act like everything is normal and continued investigating the house. My favorite moment was when Veela attacked Colbey, he responded in kind, they both missed, and then he decided to walk off and join everyone else, stopping only to lock the twin girls in their room after they threw a dead rabbit at him.

A ghost in the attic tried to give you warning, and when she realized it wasn’t going to make you leave, directed you to an old family charm as well as the part to an old music box. (That’s an Amulet of Life and a gem for a Harsh Songblade, if you want you can jury rig up a full Songblade and then make a more aesthetic version once this mission is over.)

Given the warnings of the ghosts you decided to get the family off balance by having half the party leave the house via a hole Velak made in the attic wall, then distract the undead things by pretending to be a completely different band of visitors. Meanwhile the others charged down through the kitchen, stole the soup, and dived out the window. The undead family, now fully assembled, started the attack.

Death on the Farm

The fight began in earnest and took most of the session. This group of monsters was nasty, specializing in status effects, but you took them down eventually. Colbey spent most of the fight blind, but somehow didn’t start missing until the turn he made his saving throw. Once the fight ended the taint of the bloodwheat left them and let out a clarion call, summoning the farmer back to the house. You boarded everything up as much as you could and took your places in the attic waiting for him.

When he did arrive you found he was a twisted monstrosity. His mutations made him grow to twice his previous size and he tore through his skin in the process. He tried to call you out to the field, but when you didn’t he threw a boulder at you to distract you while he charged the house. Velak thunderwaved the boulder, which prevented it from tearing a hole in the house. Karos tried dropping a bed on Ael as he charged, but missed, so Ael took out one of the beams causing the floor to sag and knocking Karos off the roof. As things currently stand, Ael is in the house on the bottom floor, most of you are in the attic, and the barbarian is hanging from a rope on the outside of the building.

As I said in the email, next Thursday will not be possible so we will meet again on April 1st.

Fields of Bloodwheat

Since its been so long I’ll just briefly cover what happened.

Ael burst into the house and immediately set about trying to destroy you. He wasn’t as strong as he looked, however, and you managed to pin him down in one location and wail on him till he died. He did some damage to you, even summoned up a field of bloodwheat to aid him, but in the end he fell and his death scream pacified the bloodwheat fields.

Velak then spent an hour burning the house to a pile of ashes. After that he spent another hour thunderwaving those together and burning them again.

To make sure you had dealt with everything you decided to tackle the silo. Your initial investigations were cautious and you barricaded the doors to ensure nothing could get out and surprise you. Then you decided to dangle your fellow party members over the grain in the silo via a high window. This resulted in Karos dropping the shaman into the middle of a swarm of rats while tomb mote swarms slashed at his face. In the end you triumphed over the vermin, and Velak repeated his carefully crafted razing procedures on the silo.

Total XP: 1515

A Roll of the Semi Solid Protoplasmic Dice

A new mission this time. Karos’ mentor asked you to do a favor and help out one of his contacts so that she could get him the items that she needed. He worried that her house arrest would keep her from being able to get him the items he paid her for. She maintains the matter is well in hand but she is willing to pay you for something else anyways. She needs you to track down two relics from the old days: A stone head she tried to steal from the Magistry’s HQ, and an arm from the ancient temple of Meharma.

You succeeded in figuring out which neighborhood the temple was in, but further investigation was interrupted by a pair of opportunistic gelatinous cubes which dropped down on you from above and tried to eat you. Being polyhedrons themselves they somehow had an uncanny effect on dice, making hitting them extremely hard.

You are now standing in an alleyway, worn out and covered in goo. (“Oh not again…”)

On the plus side, cubes don’t usually get a chance to grow that big in the city. You are probably close.

Tipping the Balance

The gardens of the temple, though overgrown or perhaps because of it, were not happy with your presence and a short battle with the local flora ensued. The fey trees put up a struggle, but in the end they were chopped down like so much firewood.

In the basement of the temple you found the trials of Meharma, a massive set of scales with a set of dynamic, shifting, musical weights. In the process of balancing the scales you tore off one arm, then the other so that you could force the arms level. This allowed you access to the treasure but also woke up its dismembered guardians.

The shattered golems are closing in on you now. They are in pieces but are slowly assembling themselves and getting stronger as they do.


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