A Thief of Time

The fight was brutal. The thief kept throwing various defenses in your way whenever you got close to him. In addition to Bob and the discs he released a wraith, two rat hosts and a pair of gargoyle traps at you. In the end he tried to retreat, but through a few well timed lies you managed to convince him you had the teleport scroll he was looking for and he came back down to try and get it back.

With the head safely recovered you had a bargaining chip and managed to work a bigger payment out of the Adeptus. She agreed in return for escorting her scrying crystal to see whatever hidden area the statue pieces unlocked.

What you found there was an enormous, corpulent red dragon sleeping on a mound of treasure. Before you could retreat he opened one eye and said “It’s no use running, I already know you are there.”

I believe this was the point I said you could all level up. Well I was right. Between the fights, the puzzles, and the quest rewards you got 1910 XP. That should put you up at 13,465 total.



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