This Can Only End in Success

Karos beat his previous record for greatest number of crazy ideas, and also tangled up the whole house in the rope tied to his waist (which somehow was much longer than it should have been).

Velak managed to get the door systems up and running, although being spiteful bastards they didn’t bother talking to you until later. His fiddling also made the doors lead randomly to the windows too, which enabled you to get into the library easily.

You found a hidden door which led to a magical vault guarded by an intelligent Cerberus. He didn’t want to let you by, but after you helped him get out of his contract he gave you the one treasure he could still access and told you the doors could talk.

Velak proceeded to try to get information out of them, but before he got very far Karos decided to add additional motivation to them by fiddling with their controls… and accidentally shutting them off, stranding himself in the control room and everyone else in the library. Before he managed to set things right the rest of you found that the windows led out into the air above the city, and got the imps to start making a bridge of books to the nearest platform. Unfortunately this attracted the attention of a red skinned griffonrider.

Once the doors were working again, you managed to convince the main one to let you upstairs. There you found the entire house had fragmented into platforms floating above the city. Before you got much farther you attracted the attention of more griffonriders.

Like I said in the email, you can all level up now.



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