Two Missions United as One Against a Common Foe

A month later you received two new missions. One was to halt the explosion of a house (already in progress), the other was to break into another house and stop a ritual as test of security. Instead of choosing you decided to combine the two by moving the explosion from one house to the other, proving once again that you have a +3 to collateral damage.

When you got to the exploding house you found that it appeared quite intact despite a number of wizards scurrying about out front. They didn’t seem to be able to help although you did find out that the explosion, if you can call it that, is somehow related to the spells that control the house’s interior dimensions. Unfortunately the owner, Lord Quincy Bunnthug, couldn’t give you more information because his butler usually handled that kind of thing. You also were warned that the doors were finicky and didn’t like leading where they should.

Undaunted you charged in, although Karos took the precaution of tying a rope to his waist and Velak blew the front door off its hinges (much to the owner’s dismay). You soon found out that indeed the doors did lead to random places and you were all split apart when the doors started closing again. Rambler, Velak, and Karos managed to independently make their way to the kitchen in search of the controls. There they ran afoul of the cleaning sprites and a battle ensued.

Xandor and Colbey, meanwhile, found a hole in the ceiling. At Xandor’s urging Colbey used a grappling hook to get up there and found himself looking through a hole in a small piece of flooring 50 feet above ground. His climbing set the small platform spinning, though, and he was forced to climb down or fall.



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